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the Chola and Chera are infact a family offshot of the ancient Pandiyan Kindom family Tree.
Very distanced realted cousins.
What is known as Malayalam and Telugu now was indeed a dialect of Tamil then.
More so of Malayalam, Telugu had more independence from Tamil, from what I've studied in the past, Telugu branched from an Eastern Dravidian dialect independent of Tamil, and due to location it has borrowed words from Tamil. Malayalam is basically Tamil that became somewhat Sanskritized, in a sense, you can call it a dialect of Tamil, because out of all the South Indian languages, it is the closest.
As far as the kingdoms go, I believe Cherans ruled 75% of present day Kerala, and Pandyans ruled 25% (Southern Kerala), is that so? Reason why I'm saying is because the sabarimalai ayyappan kovil has Tamil ties, the royal family that is connected to it are descendents of Pandyan kings. Somebody please elaborate if you can...
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