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Default Blessed St. Athanasios Day!
From this morning's Orthros service:

"You were Orthodoxy's upright pillar, you held up the Church with godly dogmas, holy hierarch, divine Athanasios. For by preaching that the Son is coessential with the Father you humiliated Arius.

O devout father of the Faith, pray to God fervently and entreat Him to grant us His great mercy. By your fiery dogmas is all the tinder of heresy utterly consumed, O all-glorious and wise. The insubordinate army of the heretics flounders in your profundity of thought, O devout Athanasios; and from day to day the assembly of the faithful prides itself in your theology and doctrines, and with a loud voice it honors you.

O devout Athanasius, by the splender of your divine discourses the whole Church is nobly beautified; and she adorns herself piously with beautiful ornaments; and she dutifully keeps your most festive memorial, and she honors you, the illustrious glory of the priesthood and the universal preacher in the defense of the Trinity.

With the staff of your dogmas you, O all-wise father, drove away from the Church of Christ all the spiritual wolves; and you protected her round about with words as with battlements, and presented her to Christ free of blemish and injury.

Therefore supplicate that He free from corruption and from dangers those who loyally now honor your ever-venerable memory."

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