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We see the deeper issue here in this question (and other similar threads) when it is considered in terms of what is a 'diversion' and what is a 'distraction.' Whether we are talking about such things as either physical health or mental health I think we all would agree that what is a hindrance and an obstacle for one can be benefit and an aid for another. Regardless of whether it is a form of physical exercise or a certain non-Orthodox author . . . what can be an aid to "cracking shells" and "germinating seeds" for one on her path to salvation can be a severe diversion/distraction for another who would seek experience/encounter. What is a gift of God and serves as a tool in the hand of God for one can be a curse for another. Who am I to say that either striking a certain pose while spending time in nature or spending time reading a certain non-Orthodox author is counterproductive for you?
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