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If the issue is concerning one who is a practicing Orthodox who is fully participating in the life of the Church and the question is, "Should she practice Buddhism too?" Then the answer is clear as it relates to the ascetical work of Orthodox heritage. But, when these kinds of topics usually come up, I do not feel that all of the questioners/contributors are participating fully in the life of the Church. But, this is just my feeling from being a part of these conversations in face-to-face situations and here online in the past. So, in this, the essential issue does not seem to be one of distraction but one of direction . . . and in this the essential issue becomes one of pastoral care and guidance, as opposed to a black and white answer in the fashion of one-size-fits all. Possibly, this is at the heart of what I write in these threads, in terms of seekers and pastors as opposed to seekers and proclamations. And, I think this is how most of these threads usually end up (after favorite quotes are traded from the fathers and saints), it is concluded that this is a personal matter of spiritual guidance for the seeker from his spiritual father or her mother.
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