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Which is kind of the point here. What is for one a waste of time and something to be dismissed may be for another (especially one who is struggling) something that matters very much at a given point on her particular path to salvation.
My sentiments exactly! I think, every single topic posted, is important to the person posting it, and should be treated as such, even if it is a minor thing or a non-issue to someone else.

Personally, I do not do prostrations in order to get sleek muscles, nor do I fast to lose weight. If I think about my muscles when I'm doing prostrations, I am not praying. In order to avoid fasting seasons from becoming a time to lose weight, I do not weigh myself during fasts. These are issues for me, because all my life, I've been trying to lose weight either by diet or exercise or both. And it would be easy for me to turn prostrations and fasting into something that it was not meant to be.

SO - I do other forms of exercise. I see nothing wrong with eastern forms of exercise - as long as they are only exercise. Different kinds of exercises work for different people. Just as we are adviced to seek the approval of a doctor before starting any exercise program, I think it would be just as advisable to make sure that the exercise you're choosing isn't some form of demon worship. But I don't expect someone else to do the research for something I'm interested in. It may be that two people doing the same research will come to different conclusions. For one, to keep physically fit doing only prostrations, will work well. But for me it will distract from prayers. In the same way, one can do yoga without it competing with orthodoxy, and another cannot.

The Chinese have done a lot of work in many fields of science. They have their own way of explaining things and labeling what they find. I find their way of teaching to be very allegorical. They take things that are visible in nature and apply similarities to things that are unseen. Thus all that stuff about the flow of energies. Just because it hasn't been seen or labeled in the same way, doesn't mean that western science doesn't also recognize it in some form.

As an example - I've been reading this from a book of Chinese medicine. It talks about the systems in the body, and how every organ is dependent on another but also acts upon a different one. So there is a cycle of interdependence. When they're all in balance, the body functions well. When one gets stronger or weaker, it affects the organs it acts on or depends on. Western science agrees with this. There are organs that release certain hormones and chemicals that act upon other organs. There are things to keep the body from releasing too much of a chemical and others to trigger release. A healthy body, is balanced. They're not called 'energies' but there is a similar pattern and understanding.

But, the Chinese seem to be a few thousand years ahead of the West in some ways. One of the conclusions in the book, based on this 'flow of energy' thing, is that the physical condition of the body affects the emotions as well. Only recently has the West caught up with this idea, as people suffering with depression or other mental problems, were usually sent only to the psychiatrist, and not to an internist. The psychiatrist might order a drug, but what the patient really needed, might've been something to control diabetes - for which you would've needed to do a blood test. But, they're finally doing that... ruling out physical causes for mental problems.

Anyway, all this to say... just because something comes out of the mysterious east and is labeled in an earthy way, doesn't mean it is any less scientific. It might be more accurate. And in some cases, more beneficial.

in Christ,

PS - I'm not talking about religion. Just about exercises and medicine. Maybe even food, but I haven't researched that yet. =)
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