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I mean, why practice yoga when we have prostrations, the Jesus Prayer, fasting, vigils, standing in Church for long periods, etc.?
Depending on the kind of yoga (or qigong) being talked about, this can be like asking "Why bother exercising, when we have prostrations, prayer, and fasting?" or "Why take medicine?" Why not apply the same caution to modern Western health practices?

There are kinds of qigong which are not intended to fulfill the role of prayer, fasting, prostrations, etc. They are health exercises which need not be invested with deep cosmic/ spiritual importance.

Again, I don't think it makes sense to generalize so much about these practices. Consider astrology- much of it, as it is popularly thought of, is clearly pagan and un-Christian; nevertheless, some ideas and forms of astrology were accepted by the Fathers.

I am concerned when people claim to be able to practice any form of 'healing' with the flow of qi. Having been brought up in a Buddhist/Hindu environment, I am inclined to be very cautious.
I can understand your wariness, and I'm not a practitioner of any of these arts myself. But I've also had experiences that convince me that there is real practical wisdom in Chinese medicine, as Mary points out, just like there were worthwhile aspects of pagan learning that the Fathers did not reject. And what does "qi" mean anyway? Just like words like "prana" or "nature", or even "god", it can have a totally different interpretation or significance depending on the philosophical school you consult.
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