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Here's the problem. Society is filled with people seeking enlightenment, and they glom onto all sorts of "Eastern" practices that are detached from their roots. Buddhist meditation is one example. People think they can just meditate using Buddhist nonsense words, and that makes them spiritually enlightened and self-sufficient. These physical practices, martial art forms, etc. are of the same category. They don't need to accept any of the dogma and other practices and virtues that go along with it. The key element missing in all of these practices is virtue. There can be no true healing without virtue. So there is a kind of slight of hand at work in all of these practices. Insofar as physical exercise goes, well, how many monks do you know that do push ups. I suppose there is nothing wrong with doing a little cardio each day, but actually the prayer and ascetic routines bring healing to the heart/mind complex without really needing intense physical exercise. Physical exercise in fact can be a distraction from actually attending to these ascetic exercises. I think it is a non sequitur to object by saying that one has no right to generalize. Everything that is said here on this site is a generalization. We can't do without generalizations.
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