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So are these children that we see in the streets sitting with people who are not their mothers? Are any of the child beggers we see not "professional"? Is there any way to tell the difference? Are those kids at the lights selling garlands also part of organised scams or are they just regular kids sent out by their parents.
Although not always the case, the baby sitting on the mother's lap is quite often not related. These instant families are put together by kidnapping babies and infants. If the child is begging every day and is making money then that child is a professional. The kids at traffic lights are sometimes controlled by a family member who watches from a distance. They are playing on your sympathy. The kids with the dirty face, who is not wearing any shoes, makes more sales than the decently dressed kid. In some cases these kids are part of a gang. They have quotas to fill and are beaten if they don't sell enough garlands. They cannot escape. They are waiting to be rescued by the authorities.

It will continue in this manner for as long as people give money to them.

It's hard to know who it is "ok" to give to/buy from sometimes Basically don't buy from any child that is selling something. You are not helping them in the long run. They will keep doing this until they become an adult and then they can no longer call on the charms of youth. What is next for them? They have no education. They are unskilled.

If you have money to spare and you want to help, then donate money to charities that help send street children to school.
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