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Default Geometry & Artistic Intent In Paintings
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geometry & artistic intent in paintings
by adrian lodge ph.d.

general introduction

rennes-le-château dedicated internet forums have frequently discussed the grail star geometry by brian ettinger. looking through the forums of recent years reveals the geometry has met with almost complete rejection. brian ettinger persistently counters these rebuttals but never seems to convince the detractors. correspondences have frequently degenerated into misunderstanding and name-calling. while such discussions may be entertaining for the neutral observer, this approach does not bring us any closer to solving the rennes-le-château mystery. when reviewing the grail star geometry, one could quite easily end up falling into the trap of subjective interpretation that this topic seems to encourage. therefore, this article attempts to find a more objective method of determining artistic intent.

the article is divided into two sections:

the grail star geometry proposed by brian ettinger. this is in response to an official request by the editor of the journal of the rennes alchemist and mr ettinger to review his discovery of a novel geometric figure in certain 17th century paintings and on a formation of islands and points of land in nova scotia.

a discussion on geometry and artistic intent that includes a scientific comparison of a number of geometric constructions.
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