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Default Dirty Electricity
A friend recently asked my opinion on 'dirty electricity' filters to protect against damage to health.
The only dirty electricity I'm familiar with is the type generated by electronic switching circuits, and that is mainly to stop electrical interference with other gear.
I googled 'dirty electricity' and the vast majority of hits refrred to commercial products, mainly "filters" which are purported to remove the effects of dirty electricity in the home, and thereby promote health.
I could find no peer reviews on the science behind the theories or reviews on what the filters are, their effetiveness, what they are filtering (just their cost).
The promoter of the theory and recommended products (STETZERiZER filters and meters) is one Donna Fisher.
She appears to have no scientific or engineering qualifications.

Can anyone refer me to a scientifically credible information of the theory or products recommended ?

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