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The blurb/write-up hasn't been modified with Australian references, just a few notes to say it needs an adaptor to fit our sockets. Isn't it illegall to sell such equipment in Australia?

"However, as is often the case, the utility feeder neutral is not adequately sized (as required by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin).

At 60 Hz the filters act as...

Filters are designed to be installed throughout the home in a pattern that corresponds to the distributed nature of the need. For example, installing two filters close to a desktop computer or a television is normally appropriate and effective. Installing filters, normally from two to six, close to the input power panel is recommended to address high frequency currents entering on the power lines. The total number of filters required depends on the size of the home, the amount of electrical equipment, and the quality of the power from the grid. Twenty filters are normally adequate for a “typical” house."

A nice little earner. $1200 plus for one house.
I wonder how many they have sold.
And what is/are GS units other than the initials of Graham Stetzer!!
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