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[from FSM's link to schematic]

If this is the actual make up of the device then be warned:

******This device in Australia is utterly illegal and dangerous*******

It is utterly contrary to the Australian Wiring Regulations ASNZS 3000.

On no account should the active and neutral lines be simultaneously fused. It is rare in the extreme to even fuse the neutral, though there are some exceedingly rare exceptions which apply to very very specific and very very special conditions.

The capacitors which make the supposed filter are seriously under-rated and SHOULD/MUST be fully spec'd "across the line" types. These types are designed for such purposes.

It should also be noted that in Australia we adhere to the MEN (multiple earth neutral) system, where earth and neutral are "bonded" together. The above circuit shows the supposed filter capacitors connected from the neutral of the supply to ground/earth. In Australia this is a nonsense, since neutral and earth are already tied together. The filter as a consequence is minus half of its components.

These types of filter rely on a balancing effect, which is appropriate to US (and other) electrical supply systems.

******This unit is NOT suitable for Australian conditions, and may represent a real HAZARD******



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