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I remember when i was in need for pain killers and someone told me about oxa forte, Sadly i couldn't use them because of this diclofenac chems they have in them. Very painful allergic reaction in my stomach when it comes to the ratpoison named diclofenac.

So beware before you consume oxa forte.
From my "post surgical" experience, diclofenac (according to wiki) is just an NSAID, maybe as typical in many people the NSAID ate a hole in your stomach or even more likely you reacted to the codeine as many people are allergic to codeine

I just can't see this as being a "strong" pain reliever, about a Tylenol #3, certainly the guy used to Oxycocdne is going to think it's a breath mint

From someone "hooked" on Hydrocodone for about 3 months post surgery for rotator cuff
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