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You must be around a different class of Dominicans than I have been around, I have had doors held open for me many times, held doors open for many people and thanked for doing so. My wife(Dominicana) always helps old people, carrying things for them, helping them across streets,...etc. I have always been treated with respect and have never observed the behaviors in someone's home that you are talking about.
I think what you are observing, correct me if I'm wrong, is the younger generation showing no respect for others. This is not just a Dominican things, but a worldwide problem. It is true that Dominicans in general arn't very polite when it comes to standing in line. Once when my wife and I were trying to get some info for a birth certificate in the goverment offices in Santo Domingo, we were, it seemed getting farther and farther from the front of the line. Then her cousin Alina shows up, grabs ours hands, and rudley pushes her way through and over people, yelling and cursing at people, and there we were up to the front of the line.
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