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I tend to go with Bob on this one. There are rude people everywhere and here is no exception.

A couple of Jan's observations reminded me of some others: Some Dominicans, like many Spaniards, will not switch off the TV or at least reduce the volume when a visitor arrives at the house. The eating thing is true, but I put that down to cultural differences rather than bad manners. Also, I recently pointed out to my husband that it is not good manners to order for himself first at a restaurant...

But, in my experience, compared to Europeans, Dominicans and other Latin Americans are much more formal in their manners. "Usted" is used much more rigorously here than in Spain, where it is fading out of use. The equivalent of the Latin American practice of saying "permiso" before leaving company is practically obsolete in Europe. In my experience Dominican children are more polite, compared to European kids - so many of whom who don't bother to reply when you greet them, while their parents shrug their shoulders helplessly.

Dominicans are generally more courteous than people of most other nations... until they get behind the wheel of a car.

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