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Noty talking about driving here. There is no politness when a Dominican gets behind the wheel! But then I've had some stop so I can cross the street. So remember I'm speaking in general terms here.
I have had men open doors for me, pull out my chair, give me a drink before themselves. But yet, there seems to be a lack of something. I can't put my finger on it exactly.
I'm used to asking to please pass a plate of food at the table. Even if its just family around the table. I would be repremanded if I reached in front of anyone for a plate. Always had to tell my mom the food was good and thank her after a meal. Even when we ate soup had to spoon the soup away from you and eat it properly. I'm not saying that I use all the manners I was taught. I do drink milk out of the jug now. But if I have a guest I warn them that my mouth has been in contact! jajaja
I don't know, maybe its me, but even when someone says something in the street to me I have a hard time completly ignoring them. I at least have to smile or acknowledge them. Even if I have to tell them to leave me alone later. I just can't be rude.
I just have noticed that Dominicans are different. Not saying its bad, just different.
Still love this country!!!
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