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I posted this 2 days ago, as an O/T response on the DOMINICAN WORK ETHICS thread.

Something I have noticed almost every single place I have gone.

Get on line....
Movie Theater.
Super Market.
Go up to the bar, to get a new drink, because you got tired of waiting.
Paying a Utility Bill.

The people servicing you are the slowest moving people on earth!!!!!

And every single time I'm standing there, somebody walks in, and goes right to the front of the line!!!!!! It never fails to happen.
The look on there face, Like it's their birth-right, that they should not wait in a line. And while they are waiting for the person, who is actually getting serviced, to finish, so they can jump up to be next, they are always the ones, who complain the loudest, about how long it's taking!!!!!!!!!

I just picture that person at their job, moving even slower than the person, they are bitching about!!!!!!

Anybody else notice this?????

Tim H. Since it did not even get a comment, I thought maybe it was just me, but after reading the responses here, I'm glade to know, I'm not alone!!!!!!

Also, the most rudest people I have met on this island, were always from Spain, they treat Dominicans like they still own them!!!!!!!

Tim H.
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