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Good points Jan and Timex

For Jan: Most of what you say is true for very un-educated people. In all my 4 decades + of good eating, nobody will get up from a table without saying"Buen provecho" to the other people. And nobody will come to the house at noontime without saying "Buen provecho" and then they will get the automatic response: "A buen tiempo" , and if they are hungry, they will sit down and eat. (At least at my house)

The use of "permiso" when passing between two people is normal and almost obligatory, unless the person is an animal. The lack of asking for "permiso" will be commented upon, and not nicely.

As far as table manners go, it sort of depends on just who you are eating with. Some do and some don't have manners, but there is a economic-social factor to be taken into consideration. this means that money does not breed manners but social position and money will probably have them.

And Jan? Honey, when you cross the street ALL traffic stops!!

As for lines? Well that has to be the #1 complaint I have, too. But, just like you all, I raise Cain and make snide comments until the person gets the idea and slinks away...

As for opening doors, I guess I have seen both ways, so it is probably a class thing again. Gumption versus no gumption.

As for clearing plates, I will guess that most of us have house servants, maids or cooks, whatever. Most middle or upper class families do. So to take a plate to the kitchen is unheard of. Now in the States or elsewhere servants have disappeared from, it's "fish or cut bait" as far as that goes. "When in Rome.....?"

And Chiri? I agree with you. One always orders for the ladies first, and then the men...way to go.

I don't know about the Spaniards being overbearing, but then again I am pretty much a home body. Around here, the seat of the Restoration Movement in 1865, I don't think it would go over very well.

Have a good day!

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