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HB makes a good point. In many households where there are servants girls as well as boys grow up without having to lift a finger, which does not equip them well for later life. In Europe/North America this is rarely the case, so most of us grew up having to do some chores from about the age of eight or nine, like making our own beds, tidying our rooms, helping in the kitchen, etc. so we do not consider these activities to be beneath us. I think that is also why people throw litter, the attitude is that there is always someone to clean up after you.

On the question of ordering in restaurants, it is not just the rule that ladies go first: in a group situation the person dealing with the waiter should ask everyone round the table what they want, before ordering, regardless of gender.

If I do have a gripe about Dominican social skills, it would be conversation skills. I have encountered this situation everywhere I have been, but I seem to come across it more here, across the social and educational spectrum. Very often people do not let you speak, and if you are allowed to it soon becomes clear that they are not listening. Some conversations are more like a series of parallel speeches where the speakers are only interested in listening to their own loud voices. I often have conversations where it ends up being at total cross purposes. This is not a language problem, my Spanish is 95% fluent, indeed I have heard the same complaint from non-Dominican, native Spanish speakers living in this country, like an Ecuadorian friend who sometimes felt she was speaking another language judging by the blank looks she would get from some people.

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