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Originally posted by Larry (ILoveDR)
And I hate that "PSSSSSTTTTT..." when someone is trying to get your attention. In the United States, I feel that the majority of people have at least been TAUGHT some social ettiquite ... whether Americans choose to apply it depends. With Dominicans however, it seems that they are either extremely well schooled in this area or not at all. Saying "Please" and "Thank You", at the very least, should come naturally. Larry, it took me three years to get up the nerve, but after waiting for 1/2 hour to be noticed by a waitress for a refill of some wine at a bar in Cabarete a month or so ago, I got her attention with a very Dominican "PSSSSSSSSST!"*. Don't hate me! LOL! Doesn't matter what anyone thinks because I know most folks here think I am rude anyway just from my tirades against a few commie-pinko-leftist posters. Too bad! So sad! :: laughing ::

Seriously, I just think lots of folks just don't teach their kids manners. I mean, that's like work right? Can't have that! See the other threads on Dominican work ethic. Hell, that's an oxymoron that'll fit right up there on the shelf with plastic glasses, jumbo shrimp and military intelligence.

I have had this conversation many times with Alba, and it's just low class folks who don't take the time to learn from their parents or educate their own children. I get very angry when I am speaking with someone and am interrupted - continually - by someone who thinks he has the right to butt right into the conversation for example. Same as jumping in line. Or having no respect for your (fill in the blank) books, furniture, appliances, etc. If these were our kids doing this they defnitely would, and do, get a swat on the butt or a poke in the head for behaving that way. It's not acceptable to us and we won't tolerate it for an instant.

Unfortunately here if you mention to the parents that theyb really need to put their children on a leash until they learn some manners, the response is usually something like, "No fuí yo!" Yeah. Like it's everybody else's fault right?

Tom (aka XR)

Go Vikings! 5-0 Baby!

*Why do Dominicans never pronounce the letter 's' in all their words? Why do they say 'ma' instead of 'mas', 'do' instead of 'dos', and 'refreco' instead of 'refresco'? Hmmmm? They're saving all their 's's to say 'Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst' at the cute little waitress, or chica en la calle!
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