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Once out with friends I waited forever for a beer. Just could'nt do the psssstt thing. I gave eye contact, held up the bottle,and nothing. So I stated to my friends(all dominican mind you) that I should open a school to teach service. They all got offended! They said that this is the way of the country. After a year here I learned to psssttt...but only when necessary ,and got service fast.
If someone psssttted me in USA I would ignore them for sure but here I guess its the way to do things. Even when people psssttt me in the street I didn't look before, but now I do. And of couse I psssttt right back. I remember the first psssttt I heard, thought a tire was loosing air. I looked at the car near me and then realized it was a human psssttt. I turned and waved and they had no clue what to do!
I guess you have to be Dominican a little when you live here and adjust your way of thinking somewhat.
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