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"Por Favor,and Gracias"!You don't even need them in your vocabulary!

As for saying "Thank You" when the waiter brings your soup,NEVER!!!!!!That would be an "acknowledgement"that he,or she,is of the same "species" as you! Be it the "Rich Species",or the "I'm "Lighter" than you are" species!You should never "see" the waiter,look right past him! This is also true of "Poor",and "Dark" people! Never "see" them.The rich have this down pat!If you must "interact" with the "trash" be it only to berate them,or yell at them!

The absolute "WORST" at this are the "Yorks" who are still "Not Seen" by the Rich,but treat their fellow dominicans not lucky enought to have a "VISA" like ****!

"Dominican Manners",can you spell "OXYMORON"?

I love it when they start to "push" in lines,That Is My Forte"!
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