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Unfortunately, the medical laws in the United States and state of Florida do not allow for rewards or loyalty programs, and consider them "kick-backs".

As we would love to offer such programs to our faithful clients. It would be wonderful!!

Also, Groupon offers are specific to Nu Image Medical clinic locations, and are not part of our nationwide telemedicine program.

You will notice that each "groupon" type of offer is valid only for a specific location. We love those deals, as they bring in wonderful new customers who upgrade to other services and recommend that you purchase one to a location near you!

Our 23 day program consists of 20 days of HCG administration and 3 extra days of VLCD since the HCG remains active in your body for 72 hours, therefor your kit seem to be correct.


As per the coloration, you are correct!!!

We supply for free to all our patients B12 as a mixing solution for the added ENERGY throughout the program.


NI Team

I used the B12 from NuImage, and it was red. Made it much easier to draw up a dose in a syringe!

They did tick me off by only sending 20 syringes and saying that was how long a short round is. I just bought my own, and got 30 days for me and 6 days for my friend out of the 5000iu vial.

I also asked if they had a loyalty program, or discounts for extending rounds, and they said Nope. I said, well I have a Groupon thing for you that I found online, and they said Nope - they don't honor them even though it was there and unexpired.
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