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Thank you for your prompt reply. Thanks to the insight you provided in my other post I was able to determine that "mixing your own Hcg" involves buying "pharmacy grade" HCG which is illegal to purchase without a prescription. Doyle and the various other sellers on this forum are selling it "under the radar" on the basis that the FDA and the police are not really concerned with this type of "small time" illegal activity.

However, this got me wondering as to how a number of companies online can sell "homeopathic hcg" online. So I went online and searched for "HCG". I found some popular brands that acutally state that "30 drops = 125 UI". This got me wondering as to how they can deliver 125 UI of "HCG" without a prescription, so I called them up. On the phone they indicated to me that they actually sell "SYNTHETIC HCG" not "real hcg". Only real hcg is illegal and requires a prescription but synthetic hcg is completely unregulated.

Now my question to you is have you ever heard of synthetic hcg, where it can be obtained, and whether there are any instructions online as to how to go about syntesizing it.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
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