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... and he did not want to hold anything under his tongue for 15-30 minutes. Do all sublingual pharm grade hcg have to be held under tongue that long???
I'm not sure what the absorbtion rate is, but the longer the better (to a point). I found it annoying too so I did things like putting it under my tongue when I get up to go to the bathroom in the morning, then just keeping it there while I dozed the last 30 minutes, or while showering and shaving, etc. Basically I found an activity that it wasn't so irritating for.

As to the mixed hcg, when I priced it mixing my own was *much* cheaper e.g. rx hcg for 20 days cost ~$30-35 w/ shipping (better with more), and the bits and pieces (mixing syringes etc) were cheap. In case any1's curious here's the recipe I used, though so long as you have the correct conc in each dose you seem to be able to vary the other contents a fair amount (the B12 solution is designed for SL useso provides a handy/tasty carrier for the rest).

HCG Sublingual Mixture

5000 IU HCG 30 ml amber bottle
6 ml B12 12" syringe with needle
1 ml 95% everclear Paper towels
13 ml dist. water 3 oral syringes

Using a syringe, reconstitute the HCG using 2 ml of distilled water and add to an amber medicine bottle. Add another 11 ml of distilled water, then 1 ml of 95% everclear and 6 ml of sublingual B12 solution. Shake, then refrigerate. Using an oral syringe take 0.5 ml twice daily, 12 hours apart. Place under the tongue, and don't eat or drink for 15 minutes before or after. Makes a 20 day supply.
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