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mixing with sterile water is fine, or sodium chloride. that is "wound wash" and you can get it in walmart. just discharge it into a cup, and measure it out with your mixing needle. a vial of 10000 it's not going to last 40 days, either way. if you use a dose of 166 twice a day you have enough for 30 days. that's pushing it, but you'll probably be ok. if you're hungry you might have to increase your dose as it loses potency. if you use 250 twice a day you'd only have enough for 20 days, and that's not long enough.

immunity is not the only reason to stop. your body needs a break. Dr. S. limited a round to 40 dose days.

if you want to do the shots, you could try mixing it up and then freezing them- take out a few at a time. i never like to recommend that because it says "do not freeze" right on the box, but some people do it and say they do ok. that way you'll have more than enough for 40 doses, and if you do a skip day each week that would mean you could do the protocol for 47 days.
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