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Thanks, the information out on the web for this diet can seem so overwhelming! Really appreciate your answering!

I actually have 3 bottles of HCG on the way. I was just concerned that I had bought too big of a bottle. I am going to try just the 166 twice a day and if I start to get hungry after 20 days, how much should I try increasing the dose by?

Also, been reading this forum for hours! Too bad I didn't find it before I ordered things! I bought a kit for mixing - which had alcohol and all the things I don't plan on using now - and a syringe for taking the drops. Question, what do I need to do with the syringe that I use for the drops under my tongue between uses?- just wash out? With soap and water? Or do I need more syringes? I have 2 other syringes for the mixing. Where are the best directions on the actually mixing? (Not the amounts as much as the process)
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