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One of our dogs came from a rescue centre and was completely antisocial when it came to human food. He had no inhibitions and would simply take what he wanted. He even tried taking food out of the children's mouths if give half a chance. The problem was that he simply didn't understand that he wasn't allowed to share and when he was told off he hadn't really a clue what he had done wrong. As far as he was concerned it was feeding time and up until living with us his eating method comprised of a free for all!

In the beginning we would shut him in a different room until we had finished eating where he would sulk until we let him out. Once we had finished eating he would get a treat of his own. Eventually I noticed that as soon as we were about to eat he would go and lie down in the other room as he knew that eventually he would get his treat and it didn't take him long to realise that there was a difference between our meal times and his. Hopefully, with a little patience, your dog will realise what is and isn't acceptable.

On a more practical level you need to remove the temptation out of his way! Don't allow him in the kitchen when you are cooking or eating and if possible move the kitchen bin altogether. I actually don't use a kitchen bin any more because no matter how well behaved our dog is now he still can't resist the smell of kitchen waste and will happily throw it all over the room!

Good luck!
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