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At this time I don't know what to say at this time.
At this time it LOOKS like a LOT of mud to me.
I AM not saying I like Fred or Nina.
They did give some good info that I did know of at the time I was there.
So do go to and see the 7.5.12 and see what THEY have to say..
As I said it looks to be a lot of mud.
My son DID set off 9000$ to the irs so it looks to work!! But time WILL tell will it not??
I remember you posting about this and a test of the process. I was thinking of this just the other day. Ok so it will be interesting to see if the set off sticks.

I think with these two people, their process of creating the document has some potential to cause problems. Specifically the use of a cancelled check book, check as a remittance or sight draft. I think that could lead to issues with respect of fraud. And yes this process of EFT they promoted is not their own process. Simply a new label for what is fundamentally the same process as set off. Set off is perfectly legal and used in business all of the time. Set off is usually documented in law/code/statute dealing with bills of exchange. It's just a matter of having some thing to set off against.
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