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Fred's own brother John has set up a website denouncing Fred's activities.

An email from Jack and Margy Flynn -

Hi, All,

Important F.Y.I.

This email came to us from John Gutierrez, the eldest son of the family into which Fred Gutierrez was born. John has been in contact with us for a few weeks, now, about what Fred & Nina Gutierrez, along with Kelby Smith, are doing with their seminars and their "" website.

Once John learned the extent of the fraud which these three "ministers" are perpetrating in seminars throughout the country, inducing attendees to give "donations" to get "free" help to get rid of their debts, John told us he was horrified, alarmed, outraged and very concerned that his family name is being ruined. He is very upset that Fred and Nina are using "God and family" to deceive people.

John said he is fully intent on stopping Fred, Nina and Kelby from doing this and is seeking complaints in the form of affidavits from anyone who has been deceived by them and their phony "process". To this end, John has just created a website to counter their scam, which you can access by the link included below. He also arranged a conference call on talkshoe with Tad Patterson which took place this past Tuesday night. You can hear the recorded call by going to the talkshoe site.

If you or anyone you know has been victimized by Fred, Nina and Kelby, please check out the website, which has audio and written accounts of real people's bad experiences with them, as well as information which rebuts the false claims made by Fred and shows Kelby Smith to be a longtime scam artist. The link to John's website is below, as well as a link to talkshoe.

Please send this email far and wide, and encourage everyone who may have been duped by these conscienceless people to contact John and to make complaints to the authorities.

Best regards,

Margy and Jack


John's Newly Created Website

Phone Number:
(724) 444-7444
Call ID: 46256
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