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Does anyone here comprehend what these two people are teaching?

From what I grasp:

1. They call an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) a form of a check altered/modified into a Payment Order with caveats printed on it.

For example they tell you to title the check form "Payment Order."

2. This modified check form must come from a closed personal checking account.

3. The way this modified check form, which is converted into a payment order, is supposed to work is to entice the creditor to deposit it into the banking system. One of the particular modifications is to put on the back of the form, "not for deposit", "for discharge of debt," and "without recourse."

4. Once the creditor accepts the "payment order" by introducing it into the payment system, it is assumed that they have discharged the debt.

5. Once the remitting bank rejects the "payment order" and it comes back to the creditor they basically have no "recourse" because of their actions.

6. Any action for fraud would be a criminal action, and subject to due process rights. This is where the creditors will get bogged down trying to clean up this mess.

7. Basically a chess game where the debtors use the system the creditors created against them from the basic fraud the monetary system stands on.

I am sure a lot of stupid greedy bastards will be getting into this as flys to sh_t, and end up doing time in prison.
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