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Hedge fund manager here who actualy knows Stathis and has worked with him for several years. His firm provides research and forecasting to our fund, and he is the best I've ever seen. We made a killing because of his forecasts shorting Fannie and Freddie and the banks back in 2007 and much more. Due to Stathis, our fund quadrupled in size over the past 4 years.

Too funny reading some of the responses here related to Stathis. Stathis has actually exposes these losers Mish and Prechtor and others like Schiff on his site. Also, you say he has been interviewed and has books which means nothing. He has actually be banned by the media because he speaks the truth. Everyone in the media including the guests are bought off. Get with the program son.

These guys you mention are con artists. Stathis has the best track record on the collapse than anyone in the world. I suggest you guys get up to speed and find out for yourself. Also, unlike the people pumping gold, Stathis has no bias and does not get any compensation in any form from gold, no gold ads no endorsements and he doesnt sell it. He actually advises people buy gold in his 2006 book America's Financial Apocalypse but started to warn people about the gold manipulators pumping it up a couple of years ago.

Funny too that this willie guy is a clown. He isnt even a pro, just some guy in his garage on a pc posting on gold sites. Stathis is one of the very top investment strategists on earth.

And he is not a deflationist. He predicted an inflationary depression in his 2006 book. Why dont you read it, that is if you know how to read. He also proves hyperinflation in the US is impossible.

Stathis is the only credible expert out there. The rest of these guys you hear about are con artists pumping gold. And when gold collapses you guys will go to your grave waitiing for it to recover and it wont.

Stathis is the real deal and if you dont follow what he says youll get blasted for sure.

If you dont think so, i suggest you check his track record and his reward of $100,000 for anyone who can produce other person in the world who can match his record.

Truth about Gold:

and much more, way too much to mention...over 1000 articles. Anyway you guys can sit here and stay in your delusional world thinking gold and silver are going to the moon. The smart money already sold it and is buying land. I'll come back in a few years after gold has collapsed to 400/500 and read all the delusional propaganda. By the way, in my brief time here I already spotted several gold pumpers who are making up BS to try and get people to sad. Only fools try to manipulate people who have no money. The big money makes asset prices move, not Joe investor.

Large Sarge, here's some advice. The next time you try to judge someone, you should investigate their record fully or else you will look like a damn fool.

Later kids.
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