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Default I support Pat Mahon
Pat Mahon said it right; there is no global warming on this planet caused by Man’s activity and/or carbon dioxide. While the earth actually is warming to a slight degree, so are all the other planets in our system. It is caused by the actions of our sun. Cosmic rays, not carbon dioxide are causing the raise in temperatures --- in some places more than others.

Just because some of you have chosen to believe different ‘theories’ that Pat Mahon does not accept, does not, in any way, mean that you are correct. It only means that your concept of the earth is governed by the fact you think man actually has significant influence over it.

Global warming is a political agenda. It has everything with the United Nations and corruption, and the transference of wealth from developed countries to selected undeveloped ones. It has nothing to do with reality. But I, myself, hold no expectations of ever convincing anyone who believes in the bogus science that ‘proves’ the global warming BS. This is all about MONEY!!! (Incidentally, I can provide documented, convincing and provable evidence that the earth is square, too.)

For those of you who so viciously have attacked him, shame on you! Where’s the polite debate? For the administrator of this forum to continuously bully and threaten Mahon, I think his actions are reprehensible, … and it speaks volumes about his true character.

Pat Mahon has an active intellect. For a young 17-year old, I see a person with a critical mind filled with volumes of knowledge. He has ideas that most adults couldn’t even have a conversation about. His ideas of conservation and selfless pursuit of plant conservation are commendable…yet he is attacked and bullied by ignorant critics. Is this what this forum is about? Must be, some of you same people attacked me, too.

I will also support Rush Limbaugh, who I heard quote a passage from my Paphiopedilum book last week. Rush speaks continuously about moral and traditional values. I have never heard him speak anything but truth. He, also, is highly intelligent and is undeservedly criticized by people who neither know him nor listen to him.

I salute Pat Mahon, and David Halla (David H), and I thank them both for their military service to our country.

Have a nice day.

Lance Birk
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