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You were somewhat convincing until you brought up Rush Limbaugh. To support this bloviating mass of flesh is truly disgusting. I'm not surprised that you take an anti-global warming view if you support such a highly political supporter of the administration and it's anti-science policies.

To say this man speaks of moral and traditional value is probably true, but it is hypocritical. He's a drug addict (oxycontin and hydrocodone which are opioids) and recently came back from the Dominican Republic with viagra pills that weren't prescribed for him. Of course, the fact the the D.R. is a haven for child prostitution is just a coincidence.
from Wikipedia:
Limbaugh is highly critical of environmentalism and has disputed human-caused global warming and the relationship between CFCs and depletion of the ozone layer.

If I were Pat Mahon, I would certainly not like to be lumped with this man. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but Pat has a lot of potential and needs to open his intellect to multiple ways of thinking rather than a closed and politically biased version of intellect.
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