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Yeah, I was very disappointed with the way she talked about this "aggressive" dog.

On the show she automatically categorized it as a badly bred dog with no hope without finding out more info on the owner, the training, or the living situation? My statements and questions to there Facebook page were the following:

Why would you accuse "Guado" of being a poorly bred dog??? Just because he's a blue does not mean he's a poorly bred dog. If you look at his papers, then you should advise us why he's a "poorly" bred dog to your standards. Also, there is a difference between DA and HA, but the only think you mention is AGGRESSION....

And walking "Guado" with two leashes from two different people is retarded. Cesar Milan would never do that. I heard he doesn't even know how to use a break stick, but he would NOT need two women to walk ONE dog. And, how would you know the reason "Guado" is "bad" dog is NOT because of the owner? You compliment Alex the owner of being a GREAT owner, and tell her the the dog is wired wrong, but how do you know? How long have you known Alex the owner?

Just does not sound good that she is very quick to determine a "Blue Nose" to be a bad dog without knowing much about it.

The owner said that "Guado" bit the neighbor after licking her hand. What constitutes a bite? Just ridiculous how some of these so-called pitbull pros will automatically say he's a bad dog. Call Cesar Millan!!

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I also noticed how the dog continues to sound off aggressive barks towards the ranch owner. However, I think that it must be a weak dog owner who did not do a good job of letting her dog know that it's not ok and he needs to shut the heck up. This is not a sexist remark, but I think there are some women out there that are not physically strong enough to handle a "pitbull."
You saw a small glimpse of what went on and the conversations between Tia and the owner. You have no idea if she asked about his home life and training, but IMO, short of training that dog to be HA, bad training does not cause an otherwise stable dog to be that over the top aggressive. The reason she said the owner was the dogs only hope was because she was thinking of giving him up to someone who could handle him, but no rescue would even begin to try and rehab that dog, he would be PTS without a doubt.

Also, the owner didn't even know anything about the dogs mom, so I doubt he had papers. He was not accused of being poorly bred because he was blue. He was accused of being poorly bred because he clearly unstable and came from another blue dog. Tia was pointing out that when you breed for color and not temperament, bad things can result. And often, it is breeders who specialize in blue dogs who are breeding for color. Her observation that the vast majority of unstable dogs she sees are blue, to me, makes a lot of sense. It's nothing against blue dogs, if you pay attention to what she was saying, it's a statement against bad breeding.

She also did mention DA versus HA. If you noticed in their initial discussion over the phone she said "I'm putting animal aggression on the back burner right now, it's the HA...."

Were you watching a different show? Walking that dog with two leashes was the only possible way either of them could get near him!

The dog lunged and snapped at the neighbors that good enough for you?

You can pin it on the owner all you want, but that dog was clearly terrified. Getting him to shut up doesn't address the issue. The only issue I had with what Tia did was not push having the dog PTS. That dog was afraid of the world and should be put out of his misery.
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