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Default Response to Bully Pit thread
I couldn't post on that thread so here is my response for you.

I have to give it to wrote a small paper, and didn't really say anything. Four paragraphs of absolute empty headed writing, bravo. I will start off with saying that yes a person can express their opinion on what dog they enjoy owning, that is perfectly acceptable. What does you having owned 2 APBT's in the last 15 years have to do with anything? Not everyone wanted the biggest "pit" they could find...only the people that needed cock extensions to suit their image if a big mutt would solve that, lol. "They" found a way to make the APBT look more muscular? LMAO, yeah they sure did, and that is part of what is known as conditioning (getting their asses up off the floor, and working them. If you were speaking about bullies being the more "muscular looking" APBT then, sir you are sadly mistaken. They are bigger I will give you that, but as far as more muscular....not hardly. Take that disgrace of a bitch you posted, and put her up against Hanna, Miss Pool Hall Red or any of the other good bitches through out time, and tell me she looks more muscular. You might actually believe what you said about them being "more muscular", but that is only because you haven't a clue as to what you are speaking about. As for the laying in bed stroking myself over the way a pedigree looks....not hardly, but you don't know me so I don't fault you for this terribly inaccurate image you have in your head. I don't care what a dog looks like to be perfectly honest...I care that it serves the purpose it was bred for a.k.a. is true to type. Not a "PITBULL by AKC standards" is very true as they don't even recognize the APBT as a breed, but rather AST's. The AKC doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to these dogs anyway, everything they touch goes to shit, and 90% of the dogs in the AKC are bred purely for looks to fit the breed standard. I am not a APBT "lover", but I am a fancier of good dogs that still work. You continue to say that they don't snuggle or whatever with you because of the way they are bred...well I will then say they don't snuggle with you because of the way they look either. You seem to have a preconceived notion about me that is quite funny. You also speak about the APBT which is something that you have no grasp on what a true APBT actually is. You might be in the wrong place I really couldn't tell you, but what I can tell you is you have no clue as to what you speak of when you talk about the APBT. As for your last paragraph it pretty much speaks for itself mix or pure it is all the same, lol....right. Real or knock off still the same thing, lol. The funny thing about public forums is that when you post on them they are in fact public so that means others are going to post/reply to what you are saying. If you can't handle it I would suggest not posting or posting only on things you actually know about. I am not bashing you I am posting what I think which you said was perfectly acceptable in your last post. I didn't break this up into paragraphs because I figured you were smart enough to stay with me.
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