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I have never met a Ridgeback in person. I have seen a few mixes and heard a lot of tales about them between people on various forums and friends who have mixes. I have to say that not a lot nice was said.

If I were really interested in owning a Ridgeback I think I would have a close look at my life and make sure I could properly exercise and train one. I would also make sure to go to a good breeder who does proper genetic health testing and is particular about temperament.

Honestly, considering how rare the breed is comapred to other breeds, the powerful nature of the dogs and the fact that they aren't for everyone, I don't think you will be able to get a good dog from a reputable breeder in just a month unless you are extremely lucky and someone happens to have a bigger litter than their wait list.

This is, from all accounts, not something you want to take lightly. Make sure to research good breeders and spend some time with the breeder and parents before you buy.
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