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The first thing I would suggest would be to do a lot of research on the breed before getting an American Pit Bull Terrier. Get to know the characterstics and traits of the breed. Since APBTs can be animal aggressive, you will never be able to leave your dog around another animal unsupervised. They can be great escape artists, so you must have a good plan as to how you are going to contain your dog while it is unsupervised. Are you prepared to deal with the criticism from family members, friends, and people in the general public for owning a "pit bull"? Be aware that you may run in to problems with renting a home/apartment and getting home owners insurance as well. With that being said, American Pit Bull Terriers are loyal, smart, silly, and loving. A properly bred APBT is not human aggressive. If the dog has a correct temperament, it will love you and your grandchildren. Personally, I prefer female dogs. But, please take the time to research the breed and make sure it is going to be the right dog for your family. If you decide that an APBT is the right dog for your family, take time to look around and find a responsible breeder that is producing quality dogs. If you need help finding information or a good breeder just ask and members of the forum will try to help point you in the right direction.
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