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I know now that the plate from 03.001 chassis is S10 WRT, I read somewhere but I don´t remender where, I think it was in the forum´s archives. I have now completed almost all year 1997 and 1998 , I have just to discover from which chassis are P2 WRC and P3 WRC plates , maybe 97.003 and 97.004 ? Chassis 02.001 it´s still a mistery I read both topics in the archive and I do not have any info about this chassis... And finnaly I have here a plate WT53 SRT from a Subaru that belongs to Anders Grondal, but I don´t know the chassis number, the only one I have left without a plate is 04.001 but I don´t want to connect the unknown plate with the chassis without a minimum information...
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