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Not sure if there is a S10 WRT to be honest.
The **.001 chassis could be the pre-season test cars such as OV51 JVW, TM52 SRT and PM04 ALM
Hi again, as I said, I found the S10 WRT plate in a list of plates but the owner is unkown, so I will consider that 03.001 chassis has an unkown plate.

Any info about P2 WRC and P3 WRC, both 1997 chassis? In my list the 97.001 chassis started as P555 WRC and then re-registered P18 WRC, the chassis 97.002 started as P982 TWL and then re-registered P200 ALL, the chassis 97.005 has the plate P4 WRC, so maybe the chassis 97.003 was first P2 WRC and then P100 ALL, and chassis 97.004 is maybe P3 WRC.
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