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Quote, originally posted by comrade »..What did he hit?..
My boss says the car had just left the Enzo Ferrari reunion in downtown Maranello ( ) & was cruising in the outskirts at the speed of at least 200kmh through a bend and blindly shunted into a tail of an MPV and flipped into the air with its profile colliding into the corner of a concrete house-wall cutting it in half, instantly killing the driver....this information is unconfirmed, i think it was embellished a bit, sounds too much like a movie crash, im trying to find out what really happened

Just for the record ive compiled all Enzo Ferrari crashes in the past 3 & a half years:

The 1st crash i couldnt find a photo of, but I know it happened in Blackpool in mid 2003, the Enzo lost control in the motorway, jumped off a ramp & landed onto a construction site onto a mountain of sand

The 2nd crash happened in Tampa, it was being driven by the owners son, crashed head-on into a gate, even though the front-end was completely totaled, the custom fitted luggage in the trunk surprisingly survived without any scratches in its nappa surface..which was wierd..

The 3rd crash happened in Texas, was going 70 over the limit, it shunted a curb after going around a blind corner and shunted into a large tree, engine caught on fire melting the whole entire car, driver got out untouched

The 4th crash happened in Hampshire, driver lost control when he was trying to overtake a bus

The 5th crash i dont have a photo of, racing accident in Gumball 3000, entire back-end body panels destroyed

The 6th mishap happened in Iceland, dont have photo, the owner took it for a cruise in a remote part of the island to avoid speeding tickets. The car suddenly sustained major electrical problems and burned internally. The owner then called for a helicopter to pick him up in the middle of nowhere and abandoned the car, Iceland police found it days later

The 7th crash happened in San Diego, dont have photo, the owner parked the Enzo in a disabled spot and was shunted by the car trying to park next to it, major damage in the side panels

Quote, originally posted by comrade »..Only 391 more to go! ..
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