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As of February 20, 2006, this is the 9th official totaled Ferrari Enzo Ferrari, it was street racing at 200+mph alongside a black Mclaren SLR, shunted into a telephone pole, driver was under the influence (unconfirmed), all occupants came out unharmed aside from minor airbag injuries. 394 to go

Quote »A driver lost control of a Ferrari sports car traveling 120 mph along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu this morning, slamming into a power pole that cut the car  which sells for up to $1 million  in half, according to authorities.
One man suffered minor injuries. He was identified as Stefan Erikssen, of Bel-Air, said Sgt. Philip Brooks of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
The sports car went airborne and struck a power pole 5 to 10 feet off the ground, Brooks said. The car was demolished, but two air bags deployed.
"You pay a million bucks for a car, you expect safety," Brooks said.
Investigators said they believe the driver was alone in the car and was engaged in a street race at the time of the accident. Erikssen told them the driver of the car fled on foot, but a search turned up no one, Brooks said.
The crash took place about 6:15 a.m. near Decker Canyon Road, an exclusive area of multimillion-dollar estates overlooking the Pacific in west Malibu, near Leo Carrillo State Beach.
The car  reportedly a Ferrari Enzo worth between $600,000 and $1million  has a top speed of more than 200 mph.
Traffic on PCH was disrupted this morning during the investigation of the incident.
Brooks said the area is not known for street racing.
"We get some speed violations, but nothing over 70 mph," Brooks said.
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