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Amazing. A buddy of mine woke me up to tell me about it as he was stuck at the scene this morning. He said the cops couldn't find anyone involved at first -- no passenger or driver -- so they figured the body was thrown out and reported it as a fatality. They began a full search of the area, closing down all traffic, until someone noticed this idiot with a fat lip and a blood stain on his shirt watching.
Turns out it's Stefan Erikssen, one of the Gizmondo gaming execs that made a very shady windfall by bleeding the company dry. He ended up resigning after the papers reported his Swedish mafia ties and an early 90's conviction for counterfeiting late last year. They went into receivership last month. That and his .09 BAC means he had this coming!
Question is, who was driving the McLaren? Seems the odds of it being some celeb are pretty good...
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