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Default New glasses... blue outline?
Ok, so I got a new pair of glasses. I dunno if it's the coatings or what... My old glasses were gray tinted. These are transitions with a teflon coating.

If I don't look directly at something it has an outline. Like a sorta prism effect. Black or white objects have a blue neon outline on the right, and yellow/red on the left. Other colors get other outline colors. I can't even read my history book because the tops of the letters and the bottoms of the letters each have a different neon glow going on, and holy hell is this annoying.

I had this problem with my old glasses, but nowhere NEAR this big of an issue. It was extremely minor. With my new glasses I see it everywhere I look. Even looking at this monitor I see it around the edge of the screen.

What causes this?

Edit: Ok, I was googling the wrong terms I guess. Chromatic Aberration -
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