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Also, one person mentioned Salaatul Haajah.

You might want to take the following links into consideration:



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The brother here is trying to say that the Hadith concerning Salaatul Haajah is Daeef (weak). Well he's correct, its actually Daeefun Jiddah.
This is because of the narrator Faa'id ibn Abdur Rahamaan abul waraqaa is very weak.
Ahmed said: Matrukul Hadith, Ibn Maeen said: Daeef not Thiqah. Bukhari said : Munkarul Hadith. Abu dawood said: He's nothing. Tirmithi said: he's weak in hadith, Nasai said: Matrukul Hadith , and Inn adi said: even though he's weak his Ahadith are written. (Tahtheebut Tahtheeb by Ibn Hajr 3/380)

But brothers Allah Ta'alaa says in the Quraan : “And seek help in (Sabr) patience and (Salah) prayer…” [al-Baqarah 2:45], Hudhayfah RD said : “When anything distressed the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), he would pray.” (Ahmed 5/388, Abu Dawood 1124, Ibn jarir 850 Baihaqi in ad Dalaail 3/453) Shaikh Albani said Hasan in Sahih al jamee 4703.

So here Allah is ordering us to perform Salah in the times of need and this was also the practice and SUNNAH of the Rasool (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), so if we perform two rakaat and read the beautiful dua which has nothing in it going against any Aadaabs and rules of Dua , Whats the problem?!

This is why Imaam as Sakhawi the great Muhadith and student of Hafiz Ibn Hajr asqalani said in al Qawlul Badee(pg.381 Awwamah's Tahqeeq) after a discussion on the said Hadith : " In summary the Hadith is Very Weak which is written in Fadhailil Aamaal."

And why not when its permissible for Tom **** and harry or zaid arm and bakr to perform Salah and read any dua in any langauge once it dont go against the Aadaab of dua extracted from Saheeh Ahadith then why can he not read that dua which is mentioned in 2 of the books of Sihaah Thirmithi429 and Ibn Majah1383 which al Mizzi called : Umdatu ahlil Islaam w elihaa madaaru Aammatil ahkaam (these 6 books are the foundation of Islaam and on them are based most of the Ahkaam).
May Allah give us the correct understanding of deen and may He give us the divine ability to follow the Salaf in the correct manner.
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