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The other day the imam's alarm went off during salat, after the salah he was red like a tomato
Ouch! I remember a similar situation during the Christmas holidays when a brother whose mobile went off, I remember it distinctly as his ringtone was "Jingle Bells"... I didn't catch his face as I am sure he was getting stares from all the uncles.

JazakAllah khairun for raising the issue.

I think there is something wrong with the question though: "what do you do when your phone rings in salat"

If you flip the question a bit to say:
"what do you do when your phone rings in an exam"
"what do you do when your phone rings in an interview"
"what do you do when your phone rings in an important meeting"

The instant reaction may be - that person is stupid for keeping their phone on during a meeting.
When we are praying we should treat it like a meeting. A very important meeting. The most important meetings of our day.

Some advice:
Before you step into the mosque take out your phone and turn it off. I know one brother who literally dismantles his phone (took the battery from out of the phone) before he steps into the mosque. May Allah reward him.
Try to do it in front of your friends as this will encourage them. No one likes a dictator and Islam is not about forcing people.
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