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My Brother in Islam, Do yourself a big favor, please learn International Politics and special interest groups /Lobbies and act like a mature brother. Thank you
you keep telling people to learn about international politics, but what about shi'a politics against the ummah?

Seriously, when any of shi'a keep telling other about "unity" slogan, then how the heck the sunnis are executed in Iran, and sunnis are not allowed to have even one mosque in tehran, of which has over 100 mosques within its district?

Have you ever read scholars refutations about why shi'a is considered misguided and some of them considered as out of Islam?

Forget politics for a moment. Let's save ourselves first. If you follow shi'a just because it's a tradition in your family, probably it's about time to study arguments from both sides?

You should understand that every Muslim loves ahlul bayt, not just shi'a. However, sunnis won't go and slander and create fitna against sahaba, and we sunnis know for a fact that we don't have the full knowldge to judge anything about what happened between Ali and Muawiyyah , as such it's better to leave the judgement to Allah regarding that. Even the Prophet reminded us about the feud that will happen are between the Muslims, not between Muslims and non-believers or those whom have left the religion.
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