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Brother hatelife, no offense intended but maybe you should not say that to the brother, you don't know him, his aqeedah or whether he is a Rafidite or not.

Only Allah knows who is going to hell.

If he supports the tyrant Assad he may not even a Muslim, but rather an Alawite agent of the Syrian government, but that is between him and Allah.

Also maybe it not nice to curse an army that has lost much blood defending Lebanon against Israeli expansionism, whether it has faults or not.
For your information, that army is the first army that will be held in fire, that army your talking about killed many Muslims (sunni) in lebanon and in syria too and still doing it, and for your information he didnt defend lebanon back then (im from lebanon for your information) he was just proving to all lebanese that he has the power and he shall rule lebanon because of that, and look what he have done to our beloved country. This is gone into politics, but i mentioned if he believes what shiaa imams say about muhammad and his sahabe (omar abou bakr etc..) then he will most certainly go to hell, if hes a regular guy with shii religion and doesnt accuse sahabe and believe in everything on what muhammad sallah lah 3alayhi wa salam then hes fine.

Death to israel and to nasrallatttt and to asad. AMEN
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