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the war tactics doesn't change!! So is the lesson from history. I pay no attention to these reports as it doesn't concern me and am not interested in Syria or Israeli govrnment. All are as bad as one another!!
the issue is not the governments involved, i was highlighting military tactics and analysis. i dont agree that they remain the same. a strong army in the 21st century must know if his ground defense can take out certain types of air craft and also what they cant take out. that way they will know how they would manage against various countries. also otehr aspects and analysis such as water superiority etc. if the muslims ever build strong empires they need understanding of this stuff. also, notice the fatal errors such as the syrians placing the radars in valleys because they didnt want to dig a latrine in the hills and also hiding themselves with smoke, making them very visible to israeli attack. We need armies that are capable and ready. if you are relying on your ground defences to take out teh enemy you must know they will be capable. saudi has a reliance on ground defences for example and so the men must be ready and saudi must know which aircrafts it wont be able to stop and which countries have those aircraft. all the muslim lands who wish to defend islam must understand their military stregnths and weajknesses. currently muslims are lacking in military power and is crippling us. Also we must start developing muslim made warfare technology inshAllah rather thahn relying on non muslim stuff. non muslim tec hnolgoy is ok for an interim period where we buildup our capabilities but in the long run, inshallah our own made equipment must be the aim inshallah
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