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Saudis are not trying anything!! they sit and pretend the oil will last forever!! First put education in order and establish govrnance and proper workable social wellfare 3. Invite educated muslim from the west and pakistan and the east to do proper job 4. Limit relegious bigotory directed towards others (muslim and non muslim). 5. Dont buy weapons 6. Go to place like malaysia or other muslim countries where there is industry and invest money 7. Charge American Army for every day of their stay and impose tax that becomes financially difficult for them to stay 8. Provide halal outlet for the youth .. 9. Develop close economic and military ties with neighbouring countries using OIC as a venue. 10. implement shariah equally 11. Limit or restrict western media machine 12. Rely soly on eastern media outlet 13.Invite more labour from 3rd countries (mainly muslim). The list can go on.
I have to go now but soon I am going to address your policies inshAllah. Your being very unfair and its difficult to have a discussion with anyone who is unfair. To say no efforts are being made in saudi is totally unfair. Be just brother
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